I’m recording here the progress I do with bass playing. So far the goals have been too general, leading to under-reporting here what I feel is progress - working on reworking the structure of this page in a more useful form, probably just a diary of things done.


00S05 Lots of systematic chord superimposition. The idea is slowly building up by chord quality.

00S00 I spent some time working on the chromatic enclosures, but got a bit tired of that sound. I’ll have to go back to it in the future. I’ve been dissecting what makes Kamaal Williams’s High Roller so good of a groove, and playing with chord superimposition, basically trying to take the idea in this note about tension harmonies in chords to its extreme.

00Q08 Still on that.

00O10 Getting down all fingerings of all chromatic enclosures in all chord tones. Lots of work.

00O08 I’ve been trying to integrate the chromaticisms into jazz standards - I’ve tried it over Days of roses and wine. It had been a while since I last tried playing that one, but I liked how turned out. I’ll do much more of that the following days. I haven’t forgotten about Molasses either - just working on something else lately. Not strictly bass but also practiced some keyboard.

00O01 I’m doing exercises to incorporate chromatic embellishments in all chord types. It’s slow and tedious, but worth it. It produces bebop-like lines. I’ve been limited by other circumstances, such as no bass disponibility for a couple weeks. I have yet to finish transcribing Molasses.

00L06 Slowly going through Molasses

00K11 I’ve been getting some chromatic vocabulary lately.