I’m recording here the progress I do with bass playing. So far the goals have been too general, leading to under-reporting here what I feel is progress - working on reworking the structure of this page in a more useful form, probably just a diary of things done.


For some years, I have been in a rut regarding my bass learning path. I can play semi-ok for an amateur standard, but learning jazz has so many specific ticks that I find it hard to stick to a structured routine.

A roadmap

My goal study session takes 1 hour. It’s subdivided in the following lessons:

  1. 10 minute arpeggio and scale warm up and muscle memory builder. It should cicle through:
  1. 10 minute technique drill, specifically working out rhythmic concepts or ways to play I didn’t consider before.
  2. 15 minute vocabulary drills, working through specific chord progressions or ideas.
  3. 15 minute transcriptions.
  4. 10 minute standard time, working through standards I want to know and learning their melodies and harmony.
  5. 5 free minutes for whatever I want to dwelve into.

The log