About Me

I’m a PhD student on Cognitive Science and Language, under the direction of Prof. Cedric Boeckx (universitat de Barcelona), as part of the Cognitive Biology of Language research group.

My current focus is on the evolution of the Homo Sapiens cognitive profile, from genotype to expression data to phenotype. That means I study human cognition from a very interdisciplinary approach, including data from Genetics, Neurobiology, Comparative Cognition, Archaeology and early brain and skull development.

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Research Interests

I’m currently working on ways to use open genomics databases to draw conclusions about cognitive phenotypes from extinct and modern humans. The fact that I use mostly use public data forces me to come up with creative ways to combine and treat existing data.

I have a number of tangential interests I haven’t been able to pursue as much as I’d want to yet. These include a liking for Population Genetics, human-specific cognitive diseases and Deep Learning.


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I sometimes like to write posts about tricks, tips and thoughts