A personal log

After leaving academia I have been thinking about what to do about this website. I inititally started it as a way to display my CV and preprints, as well as a platform for courses and tech blogging.

Now, I’m starting to shift this website from a professional display to a more personal place - a kind of digital garden with an open focus. This kind of self-reflective, non-performative note-taking is way more interesting to me than, say, Twitter.

I’m starting by keeping in this website a list of books I read and albums I listen, as well as a personal projects progress journal. I was inspired to do so by the webpeages of some of the members of the merveilles group.

Why do this, thought?

To keep track of music listening, online and offline reading, in order to be more conscious of how do I consume (and produce) culture.

To maximixe the time spent on a single project by setting goals.

To create a form of self-accountability, hopefully leading to a better, more conscious use of time.

To become less of a consumer on the internet and more of an active digital citizen – a digital backyard garden for personal expression.


For this log I’m using the Arvelie time format. Year 0 is 2022.

Long-term goals