Why a personal wiki

I tried Twitter but never managed to enjoy it.

Part of it is that I used it as a purely profesional tool. I’ve done my share of personal tweeting before that, but even that way, it doesn’t ring true. Here’s what I was feeling didn’t work:

Oppose this to:

These characteristics foster, ideally, self-improvement and concept mapping, helping consolidate knowledge.


Technical architecture

This wiki is just a collection of tagged markdown files in an hugo static site. It used to be hosted in github pages, but now it lives in a home webserver, with the ultimate goal of going full autonomous with solar power and a battery. I use hugo to generate the static content from markdown files, and some rsync magic to automatically update things as I change them, so that deployment is seamless.

The theme of this site is a slightly modified version of researcher, by ojroques. Some of these modifications are listed here.