Politics and economics of sexual work

This is a topic I don’t know much about, to be honest.

In an effort to get more acquainted with it, I read Trabajo sexual/Contra el trabajo. This is a summary of some of its talking points:


There is a framework of exceptionality around sex work:

Compare this with domestic labour, another aspect of the femenine work under the “private sphere” with a similarly shadowed aspect within capitalism:

Also important: depenalization is not the end goal. That only serves capitalistic goals. The goal is to generate tools within sex workers to impugnate work relationships as a whole.


Interesting book.

Some mentioned references (regardless of position):

[1] Would sexual work look different if the Song Dinasty had started the Industrial Revolution? Essentially, th only thing that stopped them from becoming an avant la lettre XIX’s England was politics, if I remember well. According to the Wikipedia, prostitution was linked to the court economy of entertainers in special buildings that regulated by a state-appointed official.