Videogames are the newest form of art

In general terms, videogames are:

Videogames are, still, deeply generational and generally not considered a mature form of art, mostly due to the conservative nature (in commercial terms) of visible, triple-AAA games. The reason some videogames try to hijack our reward systems (not necessarily something bad! that’s entertainment for you) is the high cost of developing a game - but that leads to a difficulty on balancing the artistic and innovative.

Additionally, and very ironnically, most of the most artistic decissions of videogames have more to do with the platform itself and the way the user interacts with the game than with other aspects of it. This leads to further insulization of the art into a certain generational and cultural niche.

In a certain sense the question to make here is: Would you choose to be there if you could see the first sculptures done by anyone in humanity?