Currently I’m…

01B07 I made some updates on readings I’m doing. Other than that I don’t have much time or energy to do anything to the website lately - don’t expect much new stuff here for the time being.

00+00 Happy New Year!! Here’s a general recap of the year in terms of this website’s directions and a list of my personal favourite albums this year.

00Z03 A setback made me get behind in the Advent of code puzzles - I might still solve a couple before the end of the year but probably not many more. I also got into a rabbithole regarding software team management and ended up reading Basecamp’s book about their unique approach to team management - found it interesting.

00Y09 More than one week of Advent of code 2022 done! I had a setback of a couple days but I’m slowly catching up. Also finished a degrowth book and started another and added some comments on a game I was playing last week.

00Y00 I’m posting my solutions to each day’s puzzle of the Advent of code 2022 - at least as long as I go!

00X11 Finally finished Book of Rhymes. Other than that the end of the year is approaching - I started to think on what I liked about keeping this website and what I didn’t (and why!). I’ll do a retrospective post by the start of next year.

00W11 Added some quick notes on the book The Future is Degrowth.

00W04 Covid sucks. Also: glad I’m not on Twitter anymore (at least actively).

00U09 Wrote a small program to help me further systematize my learning of tension uses. I also got a small patch of land to cultivate! Very excited about that.

00S10 I’ve been fleshing out in more systematic ways my sketch post on upper structure harmonies as a way to fuel my bass exercises and expand my jazz vocabulary.

00Q08 There was an interesting debate in the Spanish climate change activism circles lately on collapsism. I summarized it for anyone not aware in this post. I finished reading Fossil capital as well (in timely fashion).

00Q03 I added a small post about the usual confusion between ecology and climate change

00N11 Added a FAQ post about the listening log I wrote some days ago. It is by far the section of this website I update more often.

00N07 Started reading Book of rhymes: The poetics of hip-hop. Enjoying it very much.

00N00 Gave a much needed spin to my CV (among other things)

00M10 Reached 100 new albums listened to this year today. I’m kind of proud. So far it’s been the section I update most often. I plan on adding more stuff and rework bits here and there as the summer comes and I get more free time.

00M06 Runing low on energy lately so not much new around the website for a while

00M02 Death by heatwave

00L03 I had to take a break for some days. Trying to focus back on music this week.

00K06 In exhaustion by work

00K02 Transcribing the bass line of Molasses (a Hiatus Kaiyote song). It will take a couple days but will post the end result here.

00J11 Planning to finish Dilla Time today.

00J10 I forced myself to listen to a couple albums I didn’t quite like and finished a small post on leaving academia I had in the drawer for a while.

00J06 Using the automatization of my music transcription workflow to procrastinate about actually transcribing music.

00J04 Thinking about how hard would it be to get an ssh app guestbook implemented for the website.

00J03 Thinking about ways to integrate Lilypond (a kind of LaTeX for music notation) into this website, so that I can post here transcriptions of solos and small melodic ideas. Also very much sleep deprived.