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Band/music ad website 01W07 The band/musician thing is getting a bit stale, so I plan to retake that. I need to implement a basic ad form and that’s about it for an MVP, actually.

01S04 I’ve been building a band/musician searcher for Spain, in the PETAL stack. Work is very much preliminary, but I’ll post something here as soon as I have a minimum to show.

Sci-comm 01V02 I wrote a post on pitch management with a database, since most people in sci-comm use (understandably) a weird collection of csvs and excel spreadsheets to manage their pitches. In the future I wouldn’t mind writing a nice front-and-back for it, but it’s very low in my priorities. As for the PETAL band/musician searcher, it’s advancing slowly, but still in non-public version since it lacks some basic functions yet.