A recap of the state of this website, one year in

I’ve been experimenting with the format of this website for a year now. I started to do things like logging my reads and listens and some of my thoughts on various topics. Some pages have been going better than others, and I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s what worked and what didn’t.


By far the more nurrished page in this website has been the album listening log, simply because it felt like a natural extension of an habit I already had. As time went by I’ve noticed also more and more notes and commentaries to the albums.

Other categories, such as bass playing log and projects feel more underdeveloped. I’m not sure how to get these to something more interesting, particularly the bass playing log. I feel they could be much more elaborated with content, at least on the electric bass side of things - most of the time I practice I just don’t log anything. As for projects, the fact is I haven’t had many projects this year (or, rather, the things I do usually are enough to suck up my time or energies). I’d like to change that for next year and have at least one thing for there, be it a vanity project or a tech/job related one.

As for games, now and reading, those are fun and easy to log. I like how Now can be used to report on the latest changes of the website.

I’ve included a 2022 retrospective on the listening log you can check here.


This year I’ve added a couple readings, mostly on climate change and leaving academia:

Personal wiki

As for the wiki, all posts have been written this year (as the wiki is new). Most of the posts where written the first half of the year, and some are less than a quick sketch in dire need of editing. I like particularly those that are notes related to media (such as the various commentaries on books) and the music ones (I think the solkattu post works as a half-decent compendium of resources to get into the topic, at least).

Overall I’m ok with the status of this section. It’s supposed to be a compendium of notes, not posts, so I’m alright with some of the notes being in shambles. I’d like to add more diversity to it (I’ve been a bit single-minded this year between music and climate change). Other than that, I’ll probably keep populating the wiki over the course of 2023. I’ll make an effort to make it more systematically populated.

Future projects

I’d love to introduce a contact form, a sign-book of sorts, for the website, but I still haven’t decided on how. I have other ideas for projects, but that’s the stuff of the future.