A recap of the state of this website, two years in

This year saw the consolidation of this website’s format. I’m happy with how it’s organized, though I certainly could add way more full-fledged stuff.

I haven’t paid much attention to it this year in comparaison with year 0, but hey, the whole point of this website is to use it as a permanent draft of things that interest me and I learn. So, who cares.

In general, this was the year I left my previous job, spent 6 months unemployed and now entered the new one. Despite having way more free time, as you can see I didn’t spend it on the website. Too much stuff to think about (professionally) for that! Kind of funny that I’ve ended again in the data/software field, but anything else was either underpaid, required extra formation or was abroad (which is hard for X reasons).

This log is accompanied by 2023 retrospective on the listening log you can check here.


The listening log keeps being the part of this website I update the most often. I’ve read I bit more than last year also (or that’s my impresssion), so the reading log has gotten also fatter, though by far the longest part of that website is, deceptively, the “to read” bit at the end. I have added some loose notes here and there on the books, though I haven’t always followed up on them. I have an extensive commentary on Contra el mito del colapso ecol√≥gico, for example, that has never made it to the website. I’ve also read more fiction this year (thanks to books lended or gifted by friends, to be honest).

As for other logs:

Overall, I’m happy with how this little project is turning out!


This year I’ve written about fewer things than last year. Basically, just one, now that I recap!

I designed a pitch database management system, when I was jobless and I was considering getting into sci-comm professionally. It was fun, and also a classic case of procrastination by uberoptimization. But it was neat! Simmilarly, I set up a portfolio with links to sci-comm pieces I’ve participated in, though the list didn’t get any longer in the end.

I have plenty of other weird takes, so in the future I’ll add more posts here, if my energies allow.

Personal wiki

I wrote a couple wiki posts, mostly on books I read: middle eastern religions, ludopathy, sexual work

Overall, not much.

Future projects

I’ll keep going, but I don’t have big projects for this website so far. Maybe in the future a redesign would be cool, but I’m glad with its general state right now.